The best things in life are free. And, even if they aren't the best things in life, they're still free. That's a good description for what you'll find for free on Western Slope Craigslist right now.

1. Roosters - Grand Junction

Your old alarm clock not working like it used to? Solve that problem with free roosters. This will also help your neighbors get up at a respectable time whether they want to or not.

2. 8 Champagne Glasses and Haunted Mansion Cookie Kit - The Redlands

Want some elegant glassware for your next party? Here you go. These 8 champagne glasses can be yours. Oh, and your guests will especially be pleased when they learn there are haunted mansion cookies that will be a part of your celebration.

3. Everything You See Outside The Fence - Orchard Mesa

If you see a desk outside the fence, it's yours. Want that chair? If it's outside the fence, it's fair game. The key phrase here is "outside the fence".

4. Free Coal - Delta

If you need some extra fuel for the narrow gauge railroad engine that's been sitting in your backyard, this is your chance. Plus, it's free!

5. Free Horse Manure - Grand Junction

You know your boss would love this in the back of his office. The best part is there are two loads available, so if you have two special friends that need this treatment, win!