It's 'Take me out to the ballgame' but this Padres fan acted as though it's 'Knock me out at the ballgame' while at Coors Field during a double-header.

They've just announced that, just in time for the All-Star Game, that Coors Field will be able to have 7,000 in the stands. That may too many if fans continue to act this foolish.

I like a saying that's often said when a double-header of baseball is about to begin:

It's a great day for a game of baseball, let's play two.

This double-header on May 12, 2021, between the Colorado Rockies and the San Diego Padres, came with a fight.

There's no way to know, watching the video, what led to the San Diego fan to come over to a crowd of Rockies fans and lay one of them out. It goes quick: 'Bam,' and the hometown fan goes down.

It's just so shocking, how it goes down. The Padres fan walks down the row, you can see him saying something, then 'a fist to the face.' You'd have to assume that there was something going on between the group of Rockies fans and this guy, but to assault someone.. Yikes.

That poor guy goes over and down like a sack of potatoes. 'Ouch,' I keep saying to myself.

The crowd around the incident immediately jump into action to contain the Padres fan; I wonder how it all ended.

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