Watching former Mesa County Colorado clerk, Tina Peters is like watching a fire blazing out of control, it's very scary, but you can't look away for fear of missing what will happen next.

According to a press release from Tina Peters, the recently arrested Mesa County, Colorado, Clerk Tina Peters has officially announced that she is running for Secretary of State in Colorado.

Tina Peters Embarrasses Mesa County

As many of us are aware, Tina Peters is facing accusations of breaching the security of voting machines in Mesa County.

Peters was elected in 2018, but was removed from her position in 2021 after she, "allowed breaches to election security, disregarded election rules and orders of the Secretary of State, and risked the integrity of Mesa county elections."

Peters is accused of letting an unauthorized individual attend an update to voting machines and also allowed that individual to take pictures and make copies of voting hard drives. The individual later leaked the images and even passwords to the machines that he received from Peters.

“Clerk Peters seriously compromised the security of Mesa County’s voting system. The Court’s decision today bars Peters from further threatening the integrity of Mesa’s elections and ensures Mesa County residents have the secure and accessible election they deserve,” said Secretary Jena Griswold.


Tina Peters Seeks to Embarrass Colorado

Despite being under investigation for some very serious crimes, Tina has decided to attempt to embarrass the rest of Colorado by running for Secretary of State.

Colorado needs a  Secretary of  State who will put people over the political theatre and prioritize them over politics.  Colorado deserves a Secretary of  State who will stand  up to the  Biden administration that wants to run our country in the ground with nationalized elections.  That is why today  I  am announcing  I am running for  Colorado  Secretary of  State to restore trust and put an end to government overreach in our election process. Weaponizing our elections and targeting political opponents has no place in  Colorado.  We  need  to  get  back  to  honoring  our  Colorado  Constitution, honoring  our  state  legislature  to  craft  laws  through  a  representative  government  by,  of,  and  for  the people. - Tina Peters

Tina, we don't even trust you to handle one county, we absolutely CAN NOT allow you to handle state elections.

Tina Peters Should Stop Embarrassing Herself

On February 10, Tina turned herself into the Mesa County's Sheriff's office and was charged with obstructing a peace officer and obstructing government operations.

Grand Junction PD
Grand Junction PD

Peters bailed out immediately, but she is still under investigation and a Mesa County Grand Jury will determine her fate.

Tina, Tina, Tina. Please handle your current legal affairs instead of worrying about the future Colorado elections.

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