Colorado Mesa University is currently searching for the next president of Colorado Mesa University. Meet the candidates who are running for president of CMU.

Colorado Mesa University embarked on its national search for the next president after President Tim Foster announced his plans to retire. The president of CMU will retire in June which means, the search for who will be the next president is on.

According to CMU's website, the Presidential Search Committee has selected three finalists for the position. Meet the three finalists who could be the president of Colorado Mesa University.

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Mr. John Marshall

Colorado Mesa University

John Marshall is one of three finalists running for president of Colorado Mesa University. He's currently the Vice President and COVID-19 Responses and Planning Principal at Colorado Mesa University.

Prior to that position, John Marshall was the Vice President for Student Services at CMU and the Director of Development at the university as well. He also was an Instructor of Political Science at Colorado Mesa University (which makes sense since he was in politics prior to academia) and has worked there since 2008.

Dr. Abel Chavez

Western Colorado University

Next up on the list of candidates running for president of Colorado Mesa University is Dr. Abel Chavez, who also works in Western Colorado. Dr. Abel Chaves is currently the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Success at Western Colorado University.

His other positions at Western Colorado University include Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Director of the School of Environment and Sustainability. Dr. Abel Chaves has attended Front Range Community College, the University of Colorado Denver, and the University of Houston Bauer College of Business.

Dr. Mirta Martin

Fairmont State University

The last candidate on the list of finalists running for president of Colorado Mesa University is Dr. Mirta Martin. She's been the president of Fairmont State University since 2017. She's attended Duke University, Robins School of Business, University of Richmond, and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Dr. Mirta Martin's previous jobs include Senior Education Adviser to the former president of Mexico and president of Fort Hays State University. Her resume states that she can speak multiples languages including (besides English) Spanish, French as well as Portuguese.

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