A truck and trailer stolen from a Montrose residence were spotted this week in Grand Junction. Can you help authorities find it?

Truck and Trailer Stolen From Montrose Residence

The truck and trailer were stolen from a Montrose residence early Saturday morning and authorities are hoping the public can help them find the truck - and the thief who stole it. On Monday, the truck was reportedly spotted in Grand Junction and the next day there was a sighting in Olathe. An eyewitness described the driver of the truck as "a short Hispanic male."

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What Does the Truck Look Like?

The truck is a silver 2016 Chevrolet 2500 diesel. The trailer is a tan-colored, 14-foot, double-axel gooseneck dump trailer with a hydraulic pump. The truck is reported to have a "fictitious" Colorado license plate with the number CHC741.

Montrose Police Department
Montrose Police Department

Chances are the trailer is no longer attached to the truck, which will make it a little more difficult to spot. However, since the truck was just swiped on Saturday and spotted as recently as Tuesday, it may still be somewhere in western Colorado. Be on the lookout for a large silver Chevrolet 2500.

What To Do If You Think You've Seen the Stolen Truck

If you would happen to see the truck, contact Montrose Regional Crime Stoppers at 970-249- 8500. You can also provide information anonymously via the P3Tips app or the P3Tips website. Information you provide that leads to an arrest could earn you a cash reward. The folks at Crime Stoppers say they want your information- not your identity.

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