Football player O.J. Simpson was spotted in Vail yesterday (Feb. 21). He was seen taking selfies with Vail locals in numerous different places around Vail.

It's not every day you see O.J. Simpson in Vail. O.J. was seen in Lionshead Village, taking pictures with some locals. He was then spotted mingling at Bridge Street Bar in Vail.

O.J. then took a picture with the staff at Bart & Yeti's. Some people are smiling and one person isn't even close to cracking a smile. See the selfies with O.J. here.

He's won a bunch of different awards during his football career from the Heisman Trophy in 1968 to the Associated Press Most Valuable Player in 1973. Although The Juice has an impressive football record, he's more well known for his criminal record.

O.J. Simpson was found innocent of murdering his ex-wife back in 1995 but was found guilty of robbery and kidnapping in 2008 according to Summit Daily. After 9 years, he was released on parole in October 2017.

If I ever saw O.J. Simpson, I probably would take a picture with him. (But I'd be thinking about the gloves that "didn't fit" the whole time.)

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