There are certain snacks that will always be good, no matter how old you are. From Gushers to Bugles, Grand Junction still loves these childhood snacks.

There are countless 'kid' snacks that we enjoy and we know that we couldn't be only ones. We wanted to know which childhood snacks you're still snacking on so we asked you this on our Facebook:

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We've never heard of some of these snacks and other snacks, well, we just bought some of them this week. Here are the childhood snacks that Grand Junction still loves to eat.

Some of the sweet childhood snacks Grand Junction enjoys include cinnamon toast and Gushers. We had multiple people on our Facebook say that cinnamon toast is their favorite. Mary King commented on our Facebook and says she loves Gushers and Fruit Roll-Ups, especially when you roll the Gushers inside of the Fruit Roll-Up. Mary calls these snack ants on a log. Scott Brokaw says he still loves Lucky Charms -- same here.

Kelly McFarland says that she used to get Whoppers as a treat when she was a kid and still loves them. Candy Ontiveros commented on our Facebook and says she still loves Oatmeal Creme Pies and Deb Twitchell says she loved Twinkies as a kid and still does. We've never heard of this snack before, Danielle Flores on our Facebook says bananas and ranch.

Shanon Stover commented on our Facebook and says she still loves to eat cheese and crackers. That reminds me of Lunchables, which is definitely a childhood snack we still love to eat. Janet Wilson says the childhood snack that she still loves is Bugles. Janet says they don't fit on her fingers anymore, but she wishes they did.

Tori Smith on our Facebook says that goldfish and celery with cream cheese is her favorite childhood snack, which she still eats. She clarified that she doesn't eat them together, they're just her favorites. Mary King commented on our Facebook and says the childhood snack she still eats is SpaghettiO's. Namoi commented on our Facebook and said scrambled eggs with spike spice and brewer's yeast.

You've introduced us to some new snacks and brought some good memories. Now we're off to eat some Lunchables with a side of Lucky Charms and Gushers.

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