The Mesa County Sheriff's Office has given notice that a sexually violent predator has moved into the community.

Local officials release information about sex offenders so the public can be aware of their presence in the community. The information is not intended to serve as retribution or further punishment of the subject. Vigilantism, harassment, and intimidation of the subject will not be tolerated by local law enforcement.

Convicted Sex Offender Moves Into Grand Junction

Daniel David Castro, age 71, has served his convicted sentence and is now out on parole. He has registered with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office as required by law and has moved to 232 27 Road in Grand Junction. Authorities also report he drives a  2005 white Mercury Mountaineer SUV.

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The Crime

In 2010, Castro was convicted of sex assault on a child under 15/ position of trust - a class 3 felony. He was also convicted of sex assault on a child in 1998. Both convictions occurred in El Paso County.

Local officials do not want Castro harassed in any way, however, they do encourage the public to report any criminal activity of this or any other offender. If the offender is observed engaging in any high-risk or inappropriate behavior, that activity should be reported to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office at 970-242-6707.

How Sex Offenders Are Managed in Mesa County

The MCSO says most sex crimes are never reported and most offenders are never detected. They say the greatest risk of a sex offense is from people you know.

If you would like more information about how sex offenders are managed in Mesa County, there is an excellent video created by local law enforcement that explains the process. It's definitely worth 12 minutes of your time.

You can find more information about convicted sex offenders living in Grand Junction on the Sexual Offender Tracking and Registration website.

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