The struggles have been tough on just about everyone so it's good to see new businesses popping up around town. Over the weekend Savannah and I hiked Palisade Rim Trail and on the way back into Clifton off the highway, we noticed two new businesses that will be opening soon in our area.

The first is right off the highway at F 1/2 Road is a soon-to-be-opening Maverik convenience store with quite a few gas pumps. Any gas pumps being added to the area making it easier to fuel up is always a good thing.

The second new business was for the sign you see above which is the Take 5 Express Car Cash. While I didn't know a lot about them I wanted to find out more, I found out they are a big company primarily out of Texas and Oklahoma. They offer express washes or unlimited memberships.

One Business Is Going To Open Long Before The Other One

As you can see from the picture above the Take 5 Express Car Wash doesn't seem to have an opening date yet seeing as how there is no building structure there to facilitate the business. Although when you drive by the Maverik store, it seems to be opening soon as gas pumps are installed and the store itself looks like it's missing just a few things before it opens for customers.

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It's Great To See New Businesses Opening Their Doors

Whether these stores are locally owned or corporate stores, we are glad to see new jobs in our area. We are wishing nothing but the best to these new stores as they get started in the Clifton area.

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