Would you like to sing the National Anthem at one of the most prestigious sporting events in Colorado? That could be you behind the mic.

The JUCO World Series Entertainment Committee will host auditions for National Anthem singers. If you're interested, it's time to put a wiggle in it. The deadline to register is rapidly approaching.

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65th JUCO World Series in Grand Junction Colorado

The 65th JUCO World Series will be held at Suplizio Field in Grand Junction, Colorado, from May 27th through June 3rd, 2023. This is one of the "biggest deals" to hit Grand Junction each year. Of course, you can't have a baseball tournament without someone singing the National Anthem. This is where you come in.

Sing the National Anthem at the JUCO World Series

Do you love to sing? Are you part of a vocal ensemble? Would you consider yourself to be an extremely patriotic person who enjoys expressing your pride in America?

A press release from JUCO states, "It is with great excitement that the JUCO World Series Entertainment Committee announces the auditions for National Anthem singers."

One of the great traditions of the JUCO tournament is having local and regional singers perform the National Anthem. That tradition is something that we don’t want to lose.” - Entertainment chair Tom Sheldon

A Great Experience You'll Remember Forever

The video above is Leah Skelton, a Grand Junction vocalist who performs frequently with groups such as the Swing City Express. While Leah is a professional vocalist in the valley, auditions are open to people of any skill level. The press release from JUCO states, "The auditions are open to all singers, soloists, and groups."

Two Ways to Audition to Sing The National Anthem at JUCO

There's a fairly new spin to the audition process. You can audition one of two ways:

  • In-person audition
  • Virtual audition
JUCO In Person Auditions
JUCO World Series Press Release

You'll be asked to fill out an information sheet upon arrival. Then, you'll be asked to perform the National Anthem a capella.

JUCO Virtual Auditions
JUCO World Series Press Release

The opportunity of a Lifetime

I'm not sure if there's a more prestigious opportunity for a vocalist. Singing the National Anthem, especially at a major event such as JUCO, is a tremendous honor. If you're a vocalist or part of a vocal ensemble, here's your chance.

Look at These Photos from the JUCO World Series of the Past

Grand Junction has hosted the Junior College World Series for close to half a century. For approximately half of those years, Bob Grant was there with his camera. He continued capturing images of the tournament until his retirement in 1985.

My dad (Bob Grant's son-in-law) went through a ton of Bob Grant negatives to dig up a few memories. Baseball fans are sure to remember many of these shots.

One of Bob Grant's most prized photos would be the first image in the gallery, the shot of the hawks at Suplizio Field. That particular shot won him an award from the Press Photographers Association.

As a Grand Junction native, I really enjoy some of the nostalgia spotted on the signs in the background. Did you see the billboard for "Mr. Steak"? If you were around Grand Junction in the 1970s, you definitely knew about "Mr. Steak."

KEEP SCROLLING: More Robert Grant Photos From Grand Junction Colorado

Here's another gallery showcasing Robert Grant photos from Grand Junction and Western Colorado. These were found in a box marked "People Identified." Images in this gallery range from the 1950s up to 1985.

ONE MORE: Here's Another Gallery of Robert Grant Photos From Grand Junction Colorado

These photos were selected, or perhaps more accurately, grabbed from a box of random photos from Grand Junction photographer Robert Grant. In some cases those pictured can be identified. In others... not so much. Keep an eye out for someone you recognize.

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