A man found dead at Las Colonias Park on Monday died from several gunshot wounds according to the Mesa County Coroner, and the Grand Junction Police Department is now investigating the homicide.

Joseph Phillip Gallegos, 31, was found Monday in the restroom at the park and was unresponsive. Police sealed off the area to investigate, but there were no witnesses found as of Monday evening and, while that presents a problem, Police state they do have people they are going to be talking to concerning the event.

Gallegos was found by a crew on Monday afternoon and called the Grand Junction Police Department who then taped off the area while they were investigating.

The Grand Junction Police Department is asking anyone who may have information about this crime to come forward. You can contact them at their dispatch number,  (970) 242-6707 or contact Crimestoppers at 970-241-STOP or text the information to 241STOP.

The police do not feel the public at large is at risk at this time.

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