The academic year is over for most students in Grand Junction, Colorado. Looking back on your youth, how did you celebrate the last day of school?

I asked on social media, "When you were younger, how did you celebrate the last day of school?" Here's what you had to say.

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School's Out In Grand Junction, Colorado

When your radio station is located precisely one block from a high school, it's not hard to tell when school has ended for the academic year. This neighborhood goes from Grand Central Station to a ghost town in an instant.

Popular Ideas For Celebrating the Last Day of School

You can go online and find countless ways to celebrate the last day of school. One particular site, The Dating Divas, offers 101 ways to celebrate. To be blunt, most are fairly lame. One suggestion they offer involves bubbles. They suggest going to the Dollar Store and buying the liquid you use to make bubbles.

In my mind, I pictured people doing things a little more, shall we say, monumental.

Stories From Every Which Direction

According to some replies, they didn't even go to the last day of school. Others went to school, did their usual routine, and went home. Looking back on my career, I seem to recall having massive anxiety attacks each year on both the first day and the last day of school.

There were, of course, the teary-eyed students who truly loved school and hated the thought of going the entire summer without seeing their friends. Then there were those who truly loved academia and spent their breaks right back in school taking summer courses.

This is How Grand Junction Colorado Used To Celebrate The Last Day Of School

School is officially out for most students in Western Colorado. I asked on Facebook, "When you were younger, how did you celebrate the last day of school?" Here's what you had to say:

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