The car show season has arrived and with it comes a list of many of the car shows that are happening in western Colorado in 2023.

Summer Time Is Car Show Time in Western Colorado

Classic car, truck, and motorcycle shows help make summer such a fun time in western Colorado. We just can't get enough of cool cars that take us back to another time and place filled with good times, great memories, and hot wheels.

Car Shows Are A Great American Tradition

Car shows are a great American tradition - just like baseball, hotdogs, and apple pie. One thing you'll notice about car shows is that it's a family affair. It's something that families can do together, and it's pretty cool to see the faces of youngsters light up when they see a cool car - even though they may have a little less appreciation for the truly classic cars of yesteryear.

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Car Owners Share Their Pride and Joy

To all of the  car owners who bring their vehicles out for us to enjoy, I say "thank you." I hope that it brings you great joy to see others enjoying the fruits of your labor - or your purchase- whichever the case may be.

Gentlemen - and ladies ... start your engines! Let the car show season in western Colorado begin!

Western Colorado Car Shows 2023

The car show season is here and there are plenty of opportunities to see the amazing classic cars, hot rods, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, and antique vehicles in western Colorado. Here is a look at some of the car shows scheduled on the western slope in 2023

Classic Grand Junction Race Cars and Their Drivers

Here's a handful of Robert Grant photos featuring Grand Junction area race cars and their drivers.

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