If you want to have a hike of a lifetime then put this one on your list this year.

Each year I put a list together of where I'd like to hike in Colorado and every year this hike is always my number one even though it's usually my last hike of the year for a few reasons.

It's a long one and kind of tough. At the beginning of Spring, I start thinking about what hikes I'm going to explore to prepare me for this particular hike.

When spring shows up I have my "winter weight" on like a mama bear in hibernation so I have to start off slow.

These two mountains are about 100 miles apart on wheels but on foot, it's only 10.2 miles that surround you with glorious wildflowers and the most beautiful majestic mountains you will ever see.

You can start from either side but starting from the Crested Butte side isn't as difficult as it is if you were to start from the Aspen side.

There are shuttles and lodging that will help you to organize your hike you'll definitely want to take advantage of. The Chamber in Crested Butte can help point you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have.

Have fun hiking and don't forget your water.

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