From the Mesa to the people, here's what Grand Juncitonites love about living here in Grand Junction.

There are so many different reasons to love living here in Grand Junction, like the coolest place around -- the Grand Mesa. We also have some amazing people and wonderful wine. We asked you what you love about living in Grand Junction, and here's what Grand Junctionites have to say:

One of the top reasons why Grand Junctionites love living here, is because of the Grand Mesa and the Colorado National Monument. The Mesa is perfect to drive just a short distance away and be in a different, much cooler planet. Grand Junctionites truly enjoy the gorgeous 360-degree view here.

Grand Junctionites love living in Grand Junction because of the two rivers that run right through town and our sunrises and sunsets. The great weather in Grand Junction makes for some serious outdoor fun. Fishing, hiking, paddleboarding, biking, I feel like if it can be done outside, you can do it in Grand Junction.

Grand Junction's music scene and its people are another big reason why Grand Junctionites love living here. Grand Junctionites are described as good-hearted people of the Grand Valley and 'kind people who make our community better.'

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