This sign was created by a former Grand Junction resident. Is this the best sign you've seen in a long time?

There's nothing like getting to the point. The good old-fashioned "Warning" sign may not cut it anymore. People are becoming desensitized. Everywhere you go there's a "Warning" sign, or a "Do Not Enter" or "Don't Do This, Don't Do That" sign. This example amplifies the matter, leaving very little in the way of grey area.

Who is responsible for this?

The sign comes courtesy of Dave Guerrie. He's a former Grand Junction resident and Colorado Mesa University student. It was at CMU (or in his case, Mesa College) that Dave honed his skills.

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Are these signs available?

Yes. That's what Dave does. He designs things. Without even realizing it, you've seen many products and advertisements displaying Dave's designs.

According to Dave, via Facebook, "Good News and bad I guess. The good news is Yes I can do these (around 9' x 12' with reflective back). Bad news short runs are about $30.00 each. PM me if you want one and I'll make sure you get one.

What makes the sign so great?

The message is strongly rooted in fact. Seriously, if the sign says "Do Not Enter," you would be wise not to enter. Even under normal circumstances, a civil case will obliterate your bank account.

Secondly, you find some humor in the irony. How likely is it someone who can't comprehend "Do Not Enter" is going to grasp "protracted court battle" or "exhausting your financial resources"?

Some of us in Western Colorado get a kick out of signs such as this. A similar post went haywire a few years ago, resulting in tens-of-thousands of hits. Like the sign from the previous post, this comes to us from a local. Personally, I plan to get a couple of these.

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