You've probably wasted a measurable percentage of your life waiting at this Grand Junction, Colorado intersection. Well, the dilemma is now a thing of the past.

After months (or has it been years?) of construction on North Avenue, one improvement makes for a major leap for mankind.

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Trying To Attempt The Impossible In Grand Junction, Colorado

It never failed - there was always that one person who insisted on making a left-hand turn from 4th Street onto North Avenue. This can be done at 2 a.m. It cannot be done at noon on a Tuesday. It is mathematically impossible.

If you were to take a wild guess, how many hours would you estimate you've spent sitting behind someone at the stop sign actually believing they could make a left? In most cases, after five or ten minutes, the person would surrender and reluctantly make a right.

4th and Northh Avenue Goodbye map
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For A While It Was a No No

At one point and time, the southbound lane at the intersection of 4th and North Avenue had a "No Left Turn" sign. Then, suddenly, it didn't.

What You'll Find Now

After months of four-wheeling across the rugged terrain known as North Avenue, new medians have gone up in several intersections, including 4th Street. These medians will allow for a left turn off of North Avenue onto 4th Street, but no left turn from 4th onto North Avenue.

Is This A Big Deal?

This could prove to be a big deal for those living and working in this area of North Avenue. Most would avoid the intersections of 3rd and North Avenue, and certainly 4th and North Avenue. Unfortunately, that meant more traffic diverted to the already overcrowded 5th and North Avenue. Given the time of day, that area could become gridlocked with the traffic heading in and out of the high school.

This may prove to be a major enhancement to this four-block area. Undoubtedly, there will always be that one curb jumper choosing to drive right over the median and make the left. That maneuver has been seen time and time again and the new, similar medians on Orchard Mesa. With a little luck though, it will speed things up a bit.

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