Do you recall seeing one of western Colorado's signature landmarks on the pilot episode of a legendary 1980s television show? Neither do I. A sharp eye out of Grand Junction did, though, and here it is.

Back in the 80s, we all used to watch a TV show called Miami Vice. Even worse, we all used to attempt to dress like one of the show's characters, Crocket. As it turns out, an iconic fixture out of the Palisade area made a guest appearance on the show.

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Have You Seen Me Lately

Take a look at the photo above. Look to the right of Tubb's head. Do you recognize that? Chances are you see it hundreds of times per day.

How did Mt. Garfield make its way to Miami Vice? I haven't a clue. Why would a Miami restaurant have a painting of a Western Colorado landmark hanging on their wall?

This episode, "Brother's Keeper," first aired on September 16, 1984, on NBC.

A Sharp Eye Out Of Grand Junction

Special thanks to Michelle Foote of Western Colorado. She shared a post last night (Thursday, November 4, 2021) on the Facebook page "You Know You're From Grand Junction When..." showing this amazing find. Michelle posted, "Watching the pilot episode of Miami Vice last night and noticed a painting of Mt. Garfield on the wall in a restaurant scene!"

I quickly contacted Michelle and asked permission to share her post. She quickly agreed. Thanks, Michelle!

This is a Big Deal for the 50+ Crowd in Grand Junction

If you were a teen in the 80s, Miami Vice was a major factor in your life. We loved the show, the soundtrack, the characters, and more than anything, the "look" of the show. To have a part of Western Colorado on the show is simply icing on the cake.

Thank you again, Michelle, for capturing this. You must have Superman's vision to catch a find like this. To my knowledge, this has gone unnoticed this entire time.

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