UPDATE: June 22, 2022 - 11:55 am - The Grand Junction Police Department has updated its original post saying no crime was committed. They believed they had credible information, but after additional investigation, they determined no crime was committed. We are sorry for any inconvenience or grief this may have caused.

A shocked front porch intruder in Grand Junction was scared off by a homeowner watching him on a surveillance camera.

"You need to walk away from my house now," a Grand junction homeowner can be heard saying to the intruder, who then, apparently, realized he was barking up the wrong tree.

Grand Junction Police Hope To Identify Man In Video

The Grand Junction Police Department is hoping the public can help them identify the man in this RING doorbell camera video. We aren't sure if a crime was committed, but the circumstances are extremely suspicious. The incident happened a few days ago in the Brookwillow Loop neighborhood in Grand Junction. If you know the guy, call the police at 970-242-6707.

A man can be seen in the video apparently checking to see if the front door of the house is locked. He then peers into the window, presumably trying to determine if anybody is home. In the second video the man can be seen checking the locked door again, and, then, upon noticing the doorbell camera, covers it up with a plastic bag he found on the porch.(At least he didn't swipe the phone book that was in the bag.) The next thing you hear is the homeowner saying through the camera "You need to walk away from my house now," at which point the man apparently leaves the scene.

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What Was This Man Up To?

Was this man trying to break in and burglarize this home in broad daylight? Or is there a perfectly logical explanation for his behavior?  Perhaps he was selling magazine subscriptions in hopes of earning a trip to the Virgin Islands. Maybe his car broke down and he needed to borrow some jumper cables. Perhaps he has traveled thousands of miles in an effort to track down and reunite with his long-lost sister - separated at birth. Maybe he was lost and needed directions to the nearest donut shop.Or perhaps his intentions were more sinister.

Behavior of Front Porch Visitor Is Highly Suspicious

Yes, there could be a good explanation for the guy's behavior, but there is no question that his actions are highly suspicious.

#1 - The guy appears to check to see if the door is locked

#2 - The guy takes a long look into the window of the home

#3 - The guy notices the doorbell camera and then covers it up.

Don't Fund Somebody Else's Drug Habit

Here's a good example of why it's a good idea to have some sort of security camera installed on your property. While we'd like to think all of our neighbors and area residents are upstanding, law-abiding citizens, the fact is we have plenty of unscrupulous characters in town who have a drug habit to support and are more than happy to use your money and property to fund it.

Having said that, do yourself a favor and keep your house locked at all times - even when you are home. The same should be true of your vehicles. While a determined thief could break in regardless, the more difficult you make it for them, the more likely it is they will pass you by and shoot for an easier target.

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