If you live in the Grand Valley you get to enjoy big fireworks displays all summer long.

Love 'Em or Hate 'Em

Like most of the news we hear nowadays, there are two sides to the coin. Two people can hear the exact same news but have polar opposite reactions. I would expect that sort of reaction to this news from Grand Junction Parks and Rec.

In general, people seem to really enjoy fireworks displays. Kids absolutely love fireworks so watching a big fireworks display is a popular family event. For years, Grand Junction has had its share of fireworks displays throughout the summer from JUCO, the GJ Rockies, and the Fourth of July. They have become a regular part of the Grand Junction summer.

Good News / Bad News

We've already had a couple of fireworks displays this year at Suplizio Field. One was back in April for Colorado Mesa University baseball, and just recently the traditional Memorial Day fireworks at the JUCO World Series. The good news for those who love fireworks is there are several more fireworks displays scheduled this summer in Grand Junction. The bad news for those that don't love fireworks is there are several more fireworks displays scheduled this summer in Grand Junction.

Typically, the people that don't love fireworks are those who live in the vicinity of Lincoln Park. The fireworks are loud - and sometimes happen fairly late at night. That's a bad combination for those who go to bed early - and for those who have pets who are traumatized by the loud noises. Fortunately for these people, the public fireworks displays last less than 15 minutes - compared to the neighborhood fireworks that continue deep into the night. However, I understand the issue of being awakened one hour into your night's sleep.

Summer Fireworks Schedule

Regardless of which camp you're in, several fireworks displays are happening this summer in Grand Junction and here's what the schedule looks like.

  • Friday, June 11 - GJ Rockies Fireworks Night
  • Friday, June 25 - GJ Rockies Fireworks Night
  • Sunday, July 4 - City Fireworks Extravaganza
  • Friday, July 23 - GJ Rockies Fireworks Night
  • Friday, August 6 - GJ Rockies Fireworks Night
  • Friday, August 20 GJ Rockies Fireworks Night

With this schedule in mind, you can plan accordingly to either go watch the fireworks in person - or go to bed that night with earplugs in your ears.

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