For the past 11 years, Grand Junction has enjoyed watching GJ Rockies baseball, but that is about to change.

The GJ Rockies Aren't Gone, Just the Name

No, Grand Junction's independent baseball team, which just won the Pioneer League Championship this year,  isn't going anywhere. Our summer nights are still going to be filled with baseball and hot dogs, but we won't be watching the Rockies. They'll have a new name.

Before coming to Grand Junction for the 2012 season, the team was known as the Casper Ghosts and became the Rockies when they moved to Grand Junction. The GJ Rockies are no longer affiliated with the Colorado Rockies.

When the team was purchased by Future Legends out of Windsor, the team announced it would be changing the name and getting a new mascot. On their Facebook page, the team asked fans for their input and suggestions on what the team name should be.

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Fans Offer Ideas and Suggestions For New Grand Junction Mascot

I was going to suggest something unique like the Grand Junction Grape Vines, or the Grand Junction River Rafters. However, I decided to keep those thoughts to myself. Here are a few of the suggestions that were submitted by local fans.

Mesa Men
Wild Bunch
Dirty Hippies
River Rats

GJ Rockies Announce New Name

The mystery is solved, the wait is over, and now we know. The new name of our local baseball team is the Grand Junction Jackalopes. Just in case you are wondering, according to Wikipedia, a jackalope is a "mythical animal of North American folklore described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns."

The announcement was made Friday morning and we'll see what kind of reaction we get from local baseball enthusiasts. What do you think about the name?  Hit us up with your reaction on our station app.

The Jackalopes will open the 2023 season on May 23 against the Ogden Raptors and will play their first home game at Suplizio Field on June 6 against the Boise Hawks.

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