Yesterday, February 9, 2022, was "National Pizza Day." I asked you where you planned to celebrate in Grand Junction, Fruita, Clifton, and Palisade, Colorado. Here's what you had to say.

There are a ton of pizza joints in Western Colorado. Looking at your favorites, it seems you prefer the hole-in-the-wall mom and pop joints the best.

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Celebrating National Pizza Day in Grand Junction and Western Colorado

Okay, so every day could be considered National Pizza Day. According to The Daily Meal, a survey analyzing the pizza habits of 1,000 Americans found that a full one-third of the American population eats pizza at least once per week. The same survey shows ten percent of the U.S. visits their favorite pizza shop at least three times per week.

While restaurants are popular, there is the matter of the highly-reliable frozen pizza. If you are as old as I am, you can remember a time when the local grocery store carried a total of two different brands of frozen pizza. Nowadays, the selection of frozen pizzas takes up half an aisle in the frozen section.

Best Pizzas By a Landslide

It seems Western Colorado really leans towards a handful of local pizza restaurants. A couple of businesses dominated the list. Oddly, a couple of major national chains didn't get mentioned even once. For that matter, the take-n-bake pizza restaurants also seemed to be absent from your favorites.

Grand Junction, Fruita, Palisade, and Clifton Colorado Love Their Local Shops

Check out the list below and take note of how many of your selections are locally-owned and operated stores. What does that say about the fine art of crafting pizza?

What in the world is going on with the Hot Tomato in Fruita? They received the most nods by a mile. When it was all said and done, 36.8% of you chose the Hot Tomato as your favorite. A couple of friends of mine living in Fruitvale drive all the way to Fruita just to go there. Sadly, I have to admit, I have yet to try the place.

Hot Tomato in Fruita Colorado
Google maps
Hot Tomato in Fruita map
Google Maps

Coming in second, 21.05% of you love Pablo's Pizza the most. You may have sampled Pablo's pizza a time or two during Grand Junction's Market on Main. In addition to their restaurants in Grand Junction and Fruita, they set up shop during the farmers market during the summer.

Pablo's Pizza Main Street Grand Junction
Google Maps
Pablos Pizza Grand Junction map
Google Maps / Canva
Pablos Pizza Fruita map
Google Maps / Canva

From there we have an assortment of favorites. Of course, everyone loves Diorio's. Ted M., Vanessa C., Clarissa V., and Neal K. are big fans of Junction Square.

Brenda KC. loves Bravo Pizza in Grand Junction. Trevor C recommends Citrola's Italian Grill, while Cheryl F. prefers Scallywags. Kevin F. recommends Little Caesars.

Every Day is Pizza Day

Pizza is kind of like Star Trek - even when it's bad, it's still pretty good. Like the survey above indicates, ten percent of us will have pizza at least three times this week. Why not make it the best pizza in town? Check out the recommendations above for ideas.

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