Take a peek into the past by looking at what life was like in the 1930s in Colorado. This is what Glenwood Springs looked like 80 years ago.

I love learning about Colorado's history and picturing what life might have been like back then. Below is a blast from the past, it's a picture of Glenwood Springs from the 1930s. This picture was taken in the 'Business District' on Grand Avenue, 'looking North.'

The longer I look at this beautiful picture from the 1930s, the more I see. I see there's a sign for oil & gas, a Coca-Cola sign, a Willard Batteries sign and more.

This is an exceptional view of Glenwood Springs with the magnificent mountains as the backdrop. You can see cars driving down the bridge, just as they do now, and a bicyclist crossing the street. (The bridge has been upgraded a bit since then.)

The cars are probably one of the best parts about this photo. They're so just so classic and cool. Nowadays, cars don't look anything like that. Seeing this picture of Glenwood Springs from the 1930s makes me smile. It's nice to looks back on Colorado's past.

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