You may or may not be familiar with the term, "furry," but if not, it has nothing to do with actual animals.

You may or may not also be aware that there is an annual furry convention right here in Colorado called DenFur and, no pun intended, it's pretty wild.

Keep reading to learn more and see some of these Colorado furries in action.

What is a Furry?

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According to Wikipedia, furry fandom is "a subculture interested in anthropomorphic animal characters." Essentially, it's people dressing in animal costumes, many resembling sports mascots with big, exaggerated heads, that act more human than actual animals.

What is Colorado's Furry Convention?

Colorado's furry convention is known as DenFur and takes place in the city of Denver each summer, typically in August.

Thousands of guests, some furry and some just regular humans, gather to have a good time with their fellow furry enthusiasts, most recently August 19th through the 21st at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Denver.

The convention has live music, dancing, a rave, and a lot of people dressed as animals taking pictures and having fun together.

In addition, the DenFur convention raises money for charity with its most recent convention this past August raising over $21,000 for a charity by the name of Horseback Miracles.

Last year's DenFur took place from August 20th through the 22nd, 2021, also at the Sheraton Hotel with 2,566 attendees.

Take a look at this wild phenomenon called "furry fandom" with photos from the 2021 DenFur furry convention in Denver, Colorado:

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