The Fruita City Council has voted on the smoking ban in their public meeting last night. It's official, Fruita has banned smoking public places.

During their public meeting last night (Dec. 4) the Fruita City Council voted on the public smoking ban. It's been a long process, but Fruita has voted to ban smoking in public spaces. According to the Grand Junction Sentinel, this ban includes:

...smoking of any substance - which includes using vaporizers or electronic cigarettes - in any city-owned park, recreational facility or open space.

The idea of making smoking in public illegal came around in 2010, but was voted away. Fruita's Park and Recreation brought the ban up earlier in the year because they thought it'd send a positive message to youth.

Fruita's smoking ban will hopefully discourage underage people from smoking and eliminate the risks of secondhand smoke.

A neighborhood even teamed together and signed a petition to ban smoking at Snooks Bottom nearby. There were several fires there which shows a risk of smoking in a public space.

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