Are you familiar with the French Family Band? If not, you should be. They are a musical group taking the world by storm on social media and YouTube. What's more, they are hanging out in Western Colorado right now.

I recently had a chance to spend time with this musical group at Arrowhead Mountain Lodge just past Cimarron, Colorado. It turns out, this family out of Australia spends quality time in our neck of the woods.

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Background On This Musical Family

The French Family Band consists of husband and wife Stuie and Camile, and their son Sonny. The patriarch, Stuie, grew up in Tasmania. Camille was raised in New Zealand.

Stuie and Camile toured as sidemen for some of Australia's top acts. Before heading out on their own, they spent years working as an opening act.

We hope our music takes people back to a time when the essence of country music was twangy guitars, honest songs, and vocals that tear your heart out. - Stuie French

Success in Australia

Over the last 20 years, the French family has made a name for themselves in the industry. They've picked up three Australian Golden Guitar Awards. In 2013 they earned the award for Best Alternative County Album of the Year.

The Big Move To The United States

Two years ago the family packed up and left Australia to move to Nashville. Even though they live in Tennessee, it appears they spend quality family time in Colorado.

My Saturday evening was spent at Arrowhead Mountain Lodge, 95 miles southeast of Grand Junction, not too far from Gunnison. While setting up sound equipment, a resident of Arrowhead by the name of Chainsaw informed me the French Family Band was in town.

If I understand it correctly, the family has friends living in the area near Arrowhead Mountain Lodge. The French clan visited last winter to do a little snowmobiling and came back this last weekend for some summer fun.

Check Out What They Do

The French Family consists of parents, two sons, and a daughter. Sometimes the oldest plays bass with the band, and sometimes he doesn't. On occasion, the daughter, the youngest of the bunch, joins in on vocals.

The YouTube videos of the band are many. They frequently upload videos for their series "The French Family Live From Our Lounge Room" to YouTube. If you are a Country music aficionado, I strongly recommend following the group on social media and Facebook. While you're at it, keep your eyes open for them to be hanging out in Western Colorado.

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