Before you start yelling at me about not wanting any more laws I hear you. Over the past year, it has been clear that more and more residents, specifically in Grand Junction and in Palisade, are getting tired of hearing fireworks at random hours.

In fact, there was a fire earlier this week put out by the Grand Junction Fire Department that because kids were lighting off fireworks. So, do you believe now it’s time to make more strict rules when it comes to lighting off fireworks in Colorado?

Before I knew anything about the fire that took place, I saw people posting on the NextDoor app regarding fireworks going off in the middle of the afternoon. Other Western Slope residents chimed in saying this is a regular occurrence and to get used to it.

What Are the Laws Regarding Fireworks in Colorado

The Colorado fireworks laws haven’t changed since 2014. Essentially if it goes up or blows up it’s illegal. If you are caught either selling or using illegal fireworks in Colorado you’re only facing a class-3 misdemeanor charge that carries a penalty of $50 to $750, and up to six months in jail. Essentially you’re told to not do it again.

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Seems Like No Consequences for Fireworks in Grand Junction

Last year the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office received 130 calls for illegal fireworks and zero citations were issues. I’m not mad at law enforcement they are very busy, especially on a holiday like that. But if the punishment were more severe that might get people to stop lighting off fireworks.

To be honest, the only reason I don’t like fireworks is that they scare my dogs. But I always loved lighting them off when I was younger (and didn’t spend my own money on them).

What do you think, is it time that Colorado gets stricter with fireworks restrictions?

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