Attention ladies in Grand Junction, Colorado, the police department needs your assistance right away.

According to a press release from the city of Grand Junction, the police department is looking to employ more women on the police force.

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Women's Rights in Colorado and the U.S.

Women have come such a long way from those early days when they weren't even allowed to vote. These days, people understand that women are smart, reliable, and yes, strong too!

Why Does Grand Junction PD Want Women?

The Grand Junction police department has agreed to participate in the 30x30 Pledge, which," is a national initiative to attract, hire, and retain qualified female police officers by creating a welcoming and supportive place to work and thrive."

Why Did Grand Junction PD Agree to the 30x30 Pledge?

“At the Grand Junction Police Department, we already employ a group of dedicated, exceptional professionals who serve our supportive community,” stated Grand Junction Police Chief Doug Shoemaker in the press release.

“But we believe we can continue to grow and improve, and creating a more diverse police force is part of that effort. Diverse workgroups are more effective, more creative, more resilient, and better at problem-solving. We want more for our agency and our community, and we know that women make the culture of law enforcement better.”

More About the 30x30 Pledge in Grand Junction

While the Grand Junction police department already employs some amazing women, taking this initiative will give them the opportunity to further advance their department.

In addition, the Grand Junction police department is setting a precedent for other police departments around the country by demonstrating just how crucial women in law enforcement really are.

If you weren't aware, only 12% of women in the U.S. are employed as police officers. That number is astoundingly low when you take into consideration that women account for over half of the U.S. population.

Grand Junction PD Application

Those wishing to become a part of the Grand Junction police force and fight crime, then you can follow this link for more information.

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