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If you love to cook and need a job, this might be right up your alley.

The Delta County Sheriff's Office is still looking for a full-time cook at the detention center. If you have at least two years of experience in institutional cooking, a driver's license, and a high school diploma or equivalent, you are a viable candidate for the position.

The job description is pretty simple - secure, plan, and prepare meals for the inmates in the facility. The salary range for this position is $30,355-$33,398 per year and benefits include insurance plans, accrued PTO, and paid holidays.

This job was initially posted on January 12, but they are still looking to fill the position. Applications are being received until the job is filled.

Anyone interested in the job should submit an application to the Delta County Human Services and that can be done online.  While you're there you can check out other job opportunities in the county.

Kitchen work certainly isn't easy, but, for someone who enjoys cooking and feels at home in the kitchen, this could be a fantastic opportunity. It's a secure job with good benefits, and you get to work in the awesome town of Delta.

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