It should come as no surprise that Colorado's most expensive house for sale right now is in Aspen, the mecca of high country living.

The median listing price of a home in Aspen is nearly $2.5 million, compared to the state's median price of $288,000. If you're gonna live in Aspen you're going to pay big bucks, but this piece of real estate takes big bucks to the extreme.

For a cool $60 million you can get into this 27,066 square foot rustic home on 52 acres in Aspen. As if the beauty of the surrounding mountains isn't enough, you get your own personal trout ponds.

  • 16 bedrooms
  • 15 full baths
  • 4 half baths
  • Fireplace
  • Swimming Pool

You could move your entire family into this place - and charge them enough rent to cover the nearly $284,000 per month mortgage payment.(Based on 30 years at 4.1%) If you had 15 couples or individuals, their rent would only be about $19,000 per month. Got any rich friends you would want to live with?

This property, located at 125 Rooney Circle in Aspen is being offered by agent Joshua Saslove (970) 948-3876.

Take a free tour through the photo gallery and imagine yourself strolling through this $60 million dollar wonder.


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