There are plenty of natural and man-made wonders in Colorado, but we have identified these spectacular features as the seven wonders of the world in Colorado.

The fact is, it is extremely difficult to whittle all of the wonders of Colorado down to seven, but we did it, and the list is pretty impressive. Still, we are well aware that the list of Colorado wonders could be twice as long.

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    Zane Mathews

    Garden of the Gods is a registered National Natural Landmark, and one of Colorado's most photographed landscapes. Towering rock formations and hiking trails with Pike's Peak looming in the background, make this a true wonder. Perhaps the biggest wonder of all is that admission to the park and visitor's center is still free. If Colorado Springs is your destination, a stop at Garden of the Gods is a must.

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    Mesa Verde National Park presents a snapshot of Colorado history dating back to the first century. Some 4000 archeological sites and 600 cliff dwellings make for a must-see adventure for state visitors and Colorado natives alike. The park, named one of the nation's best parks by Country magazine, is located in southwestern Colorado between Cortez and Mancos off U.S. 160.

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    Don't let a fear of heights keep you from experiencing this man-made wonder. Royal Gorge Park is more than just an amazing bridge 1,000 feet above the Arkansas River. Of course, the views are amazing but they also have rides and attractions including the Royal Rush Skycoaster, which isn't a bad way to experience this incredible Colorado wonder.

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    Zane Mathews

    Hanging Lake is no secret to residents of Western Colorado, who are well aware of the wonder of this hidden jewel. The trek to get up to the lake is moderately difficult, so unfortunately, not everyone can experience this wonder in person. But, for those that can, it's well worth the effort to get there - just don't leave your camera in the car.

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    You don't have to leave Colorado to experience some awesome sand dunes. The Great Sand Dunes National Park offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, backbacking, sandboarding, and sand sledding, and even some splashing. It's truly mind-boggling to think there is something like this in Colorado.

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    Robert Grant

    It is possible that we too easily overlook this great western Colorado wonder. Amazing rock formations, deep canyons, wildlife, hiking trails galore, and incredible views of the valley make the Colorado National Monument a true wonder. Hikers, bikers, photographers, and nature lovers all appreciate the greatness of the monument.

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    Lisa Lynch NPSB

    Black Canyon of the Gunnison is Colorado nature at its best with tons of trails for hiking, scenic drives, fishing, rock climbing, wildlife watching and more. One reviewer put it this way "I love this place too much to want other people to know how great it is." This place is absolutely breathtaking and definitely belongs on the list of Colorado wonders.

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