Are you ready to enjoy a nice, easy Colorado hike? If you're looking to enjoy Colorado outdoors without necessarily shattering a personal fitness goal, check out one of these "easy" hikes from

Look below and you'll find the ten most highly rated "easy" hiking trails in the state. Most are fairly short in duration, yet offer the same amazing views as their more difficult counterparts.

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Not Every Hike Has to be Earth Shattering

Not every hike has to be Manitou Incline or one of the ultra-challenging Colorado 14ers. For that matter, not all hikes have to present a physical challenge. There's such a thing as a pleasant stroll along a scenic trail.

Best of the Easy

This list comes from a search of "easy" and "best rated" at The site allows you to search a number of criteria including "pet friendly" and "elevation gain." For the purpose of this list, the search was only filtered by the ease and user reviews.

Strong Ratings

Every hike on this list received a 5-star review from I would encourage you to read the reviews for each trail. Comments offer valuable info as to what ages and skill levels will enjoy the trail. Some even offer advisories for those who may be dealing with special conditions.

Something For Everyone

One of the hikes on this list comes in at ten minutes. Others are several miles long and will require the better part of the day.

All are ranked as "easy." If that is what you're looking for, an easy Colorado hike, this is your list.

10 Best 'Easy' Hikes in Colorado According to Alltrails

If you're looking for an easy Colorado hike, here you go. Good news: A hike right out of the Grand Valley is at #2 on the list.

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