Colorado is home to many well-known attractions such as Mesa Verde, The Great Sand Dunes, and Casa Bonita. However, just northeast of Denver on the eastern plains is a different type of attraction - an animal sanctuary.

Home to Big, Dangerous Animals

The sanctuary, aptly named, "The Wild Animal Sanctuary," is home to animals that grew up in captivity such as lions, tigers, bears, and more.

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Connection to 'Tiger King'

After reality star Joe Exotic, the face of the wildly popular Netflix documentary, "Tiger King" was incarcerated and lost his zoo, it was reported that The Wild Animal Sanctuary took in some of his big cats.

Off the Beaten Path

The Wild Animal Sanctuary isn't exactly located in a convenient spot, as the closest city is the very small town of Keenesburg. However, for an animal enthusiast looking to check out some big, dangerous animals, it's worth the trip.

Take a virtual tour of Colorado's Wild Animal Sanctuary:

Take a Virtual Tour of Colorado’s Wild Animal Sanctuary

Colorado is home to an animal sanctuary filled with lions, bears, camels, and even some of the tigers once owned by Joe Exotic.

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