Having your car unexpectedly towed in Colorado is the absolute worst, but that's now a thing of the past.

Thanks to HB22-1314, new Colorado law took effect on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, that protects vehicle owners from nonconsensual towing without a 24-hour notice.

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New Towing "Bill of Rights" in Colorado

Having your car towed unexpectedly can be an absolute nightmare. Often times people incorrectly assume their vehicle has been stolen only to find out that their vehicle was actually towed. There's usually only a quick moment of relief when you find out the latter, but then you realize that you'll have to negotiate your car's release by paying hefty fines.

Fortunately, new changes to Colorado law are attempting to ensure that nonconsensual tows are as painless as possible.

These are the biggest updates from Colorado's new towing legislation:

  • Carriers can not tow for expired registration and plates, except upon order from law enforcement.
  • Carriers must give 24-hour notice for vehicles located on residential property, with limited exceptions.
  • Carriers must release a vehicle at no charge and upon request if the vehicle is still on the private property.
  • Towing carriers must release towed motor vehicles upon payment of 15% of the overall fees, not to exceed $60.

A Towing Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Another big takeaway from HB22-1314 is that carriers must now take a photograph of the vehicle BEFORE it is connected to be towed. Carriers must also document why the vehicle is being towed beforehand as well.

What Happens if Your Colorado Towing Bill of Rights is Violated

According to the new legislation:

If a carrier fails to comply with the provisions of the bill, the carrier may not charge or retain any fees or charges for the services performed with respect to the vehicle and must return any fees it collected with respect to the vehicle.

Sound fair to you?

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