A Colorado teacher has been selected to compete for the honor of National Teacher of the year.

According to a report from the Council of Chief State School OfficersAutumn Rivera, the Colorado Teacher of the Year, is one of four finalists that are competing for the title of the 2022 National Teacher of the Year.

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Meet Colorado's Teacher of the Year

Autumn Rivera holds the honor of being Colorado's Teacher of the year, and for an astounding list of reasons.

Rivera has worked as a professional educator for over 17 years and has always enjoyed teaching children. Currently, Rivera works as a sixth-grade science teacher at Glenwood Springs Middle School in Colorado but also spends time working as an adjunct professor at Colorado Mountain College.

Colorado's Teacher of the Year Is Super Smart and Kind Too!

As most parents discovered during the pandemic, teaching children is no easy feat. Not only is Rivera a favorite teacher among students, but she's incredibly smart.

Rivera graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in biology and a Master of Arts in Teaching in secondary science from Colorado College. In addition, Rivera also holds a Master of Arts in educational leadership from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

While those accomplishments are astounding enough, Rivera goes the extra mile and serves as a leader in various roles inside the district and out.

Colorado's Teacher of the Year Has A Very Strong and Positive Message

When asked by the CCSSO what message she has for her students and the public, Rivera responded with this incredible statement:

"You have value and power now. You can make a difference now.”

"This is the message I offer to students through their teachers. Many times, we, as teachers, prepare students for “the future.” Whether that is the next grade level, the next school, college, or the workforce, we have them look forward. Yes, being prepared for the future is important. However, are we doing them a disservice to make the future more important than the present? Will they only have worth when they get to that uncertain point? What message do we give them about their value as a young person? Students do not need to wait until an unforeseen future before they can start making improvements and decisions. They have power now. "

All About the National Teacher of the Year

This year 56 educators were selected to compete for the National Teacher of the Year. Of those 56, only four were selected as finalists. Each finalist will now undergo an interview with the selection committee.

What does the National Teacher of the Year do?

According to CCSSO:

"The 2022 National Teacher of the Year will spend the next year serving as an ambassador for education and an advocate for all teachers and students."

The winner for the 20222 National Teacher of the Year will be announced in the Spring.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for Autumn Rivera!

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