Colorado could become home to one of the biggest and most famous film festivals in the world. How are Coloradans going to feel about all the Hollywood types invading the Boulder/Denver/Northern Colorado area?

All Coloradans have at least one friend that does not have any fondness for those involved with making films; so, when they hear that Sundance could start taking place in Boulder, they may come "unhinged."

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It's one thing to have the festival one state over in Utah, but moving it to Colorado may be too much for a lot of folks in the state to swallow. Maybe if it were moving to Aspen/Vail, up in the mountains where all the rich Hollywood types hang out anyway, but Boulder?

The Sundance Film Festival Could Move From Provo, Utah, to Boulder

This does seem to be coming out of "nowhere," but according to 9News and other sources, the Sundance Film Festival announced in early Spring of 2024, that the festival, which Robert Redford spearheaded back in 1981, is considering a new home.

Colorado along with other state agencies has put in a bid for the festival to come to Boulder.

Over 20,000 Visitors Could Descend Upon the Boulder Area for 'Sundance'

According to 9News, the 2023 Sundance Film Festival saw over 20,000 people from out-of-state come to the Provo, Utah, area. Sure, that would be a big boost to the Denver/Boulder/Northern Colorado economy, but is that what Coloradans want?

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Since 2005, Boulder has hosted the Boulder International Film Festival, the next one scheduled for late February or March of 2024. The Sundance Film Festival generally takes place in late January.

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What Would the Festival Be Called if It Moves to Boulder?

Robert Redford bought the area in Utah where the film festival is held back in 1968, naming it "Sundance," after his famous role in "Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid." If the festival were to move to Boulder, they would probably call it "Sundance Boulder."

How do you feel about the idea?

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