It's often thought the Rocky Mountains provide a clear dividing line between Colorado's conservative and liberal residents. A new study proves that isn't necessarily the case.

A study done by Chris Tausanovitch and Christopher Warshaw with excerpts published in the Economist shows that among large metropolitan areas, (population 250,000 or more), Colorado Springs is the fourth most conservative metropolitan area in the US.

Compare that to Aurora which is the 10th most conservative, being almost equally conservative and liberal.

Denver, which placed 48th in the survey is almost as liberal as Colorado Springs is conservative.

While Grand Junction, (Mesa County), wasn't included in the survey, data from the last Presidential election showed the 65% of the population voted Republican which indicates we're much more aligned with Colorado Springs than Denver.

So, is Colorado more conservative or liberal? The answer is both and on both sides of the Rocky Mountains. Guess it just depends on what city you live in.

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