It seems like Colorado's big towns and cities get all the attention and all the glory, and so we wanted to give a salute to the 10 smallest towns in the state of Colorado.

Perhaps you've heard it before. My hometown is so small, in order to paint traffic lines they had to widen the road. Or, our town is so small the local bar only has one stool.Or, our town is so small, if you cross the street you're out in the country.

Big city living isn't for everyone, but neither is the small town life. You always wonder why the people are there. In likelihood, people that live in these small towns have lived their all their lives and have family history there.

Based on population numbers provided by, here's a succinct look at the 10 smallest towns in Colorado.

  • 1


    Population: 8

    Lakeside, the least populous municipality in Colorado is actually a town in Jefferson County, and could be considered a Denver suburb. The town is comprised of just .3 square miles and includes Lake Roda,  historic Lakeside Amusement Park, and the Lakeside Mall.

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    Population: 16

    Bonanza is located in Saguache County, near Salida. A mining town founded in 1880 once had a population between 1,000 and 1,500 and was comprised of 36 saloons and seven dance halls.

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    The small town of Paoli is located in Phillips County in the very far northeast corner of the state. A trip to the "big" city would be 40 miles to Sterling, or 10 miles to Holyoke, with a population of about 2200.

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    Population: 40

    Sawpit is located 12 miles from Telluride. It's a beautiful area, and close to all the offerings of  Western Colorado's popular resort town. At least it does have a gas station.

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  • 5


    Population: 43

    Two Buttes is way down in the very southeast corner of the state, just 20 miles from the Kansas border. If you want to get away from people this is the place. The county seat, Springfield, with a population of 1500 is 23 miles away. There are less than 4000 people in the entire county.

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    Population: 59

    Starkville is in the southeast corner of the state in Las Animas County. The town was named for Albert G. Stark, a coal mine owner. It is just four miles from the county seat, Trinidad, which has a  population of just over 9,000.

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  • 7


    Population: 65

    Montezuma is a former mining camp at an elevation of 10,200 feet in Summit County in north central Colorado. It's near the resort town of Keystone, and in addition to being a very historic town, it's also in one of the state's most scenic areas.

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  • 8


    Population: 66

    The town of Pitkin is located 28 miles northeast of Gunnison. It was the first mining camp west of the Continental Divide, and in the 1880s, boasted a population of 1,000.

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    Population: 74

    The town of Kim is in Las Animas County in southeast Colorado. It has a post office, general store, and a complete school system K-12.

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    Population: 84

    Here's another one from eastern Colorado, this one located in Kiowa County.The entire population of the county is less than 1400. Eads, the County Seat has only 609 people. Haswell is home to the nation's smallest jail - 12' X 14'. In 2013, Intel Corp. named its newest processor microarchitecture after the town of Haswell.

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