The Colorado town of Deer Trail has voted “no” to drone hunting. The measure would have allowed the community to issue drone-hunting licenses to the public. The license would cost $25 and would not allow you to shoot at aircraft.

The measure would have raised money for the town of Deer Trail but the FAA would never let people shoot at any aircraft. It is against federal law but I think this was a good way to mock the government surveillance programs.

Over the past few years more communities have been using drones to spy on their public and yes it is spying. I for one don’t like this abuse of power from people who have no right to know what I’m doing in my back yard.

I know some of you will say “if you have nothing to hide it isn’t a big deal” and those people are what I like to call wrong. See that is what those government types like to say to make it seem OK but it isn’t.

Look once a right is taken away we will never get it back and once the general public says it’s OK to spy on them the government will do it with out any thought. The NSA has been tapping our phones for over 12 years now and it isn’t going to stop.

They say it is all part of national security but is it really? How does this keep our nation safe from evil people? I have never been a part of any terrorist plot yet they tap my phone and look at my bank account. How is that keeping our country safe and how much money do we waste with these programs?

I never thought this would pass but I think we need more measures like this on ballots across the country. The only way to force the government to stop treating American citizens like criminals is to out law the activities they use to do so.

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