Colorado’s In-Person Voting Begins Monday
This year's election is going to be unlike any other for a variety of reasons including the way you vote. However, if you long for the good old days of heading to a polling station, you're in luck starting this week.
Register or Update Voter Info
With some of the possible voter scams happening, those wanting to register to vote will be happy to know there is a legitimate event in Grand Junction that will allow you to do both without visiting the elections office.
Wrong Ballots
Some registered voters in Mesa County have reported receiving the wrong mail-in ballot for the primary election.
Colorado Conservative?
It's often thought the Rocky Mountains provide a clear dividing line between Colorado's conservative and liberal residents. A new study proves that isn't necessarily the case.
No Drone Hunting
The Colorado town of Deer Trail has voted “no” to drone hunting. The measure would have allowed the community to issue drone-hunting licenses to the public. The license would cost $25 and would not allow you to shoot at aircraft.
Are You An “Active” Voter?
With the 2013 Presidental election coming up we want to make sure we get you all the information you need to become a registered voter in Colorado. There are multiple ways to register to vote, find out below.