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As voting fraud is a hot-button topic right now across our country it was made public over this past weekend that Mesa County Clerk and Recorder, Tina Peters, says that Colorado's election system is not safe. The Grand Junction Sentinel is reporting that Peters posted that ballots can be counted more than once and that software used in voting machines can be manipulated.

The post was made under Tina Peters's personal Twitter page which uses the handle @Bhealthynow, but it seems as if the tweet has been deleted.

The Colorado Secretary of State's Office, numerous election officials nationwide, and even U.S. Attorney General Willam Barr have repeatedly said they have found no evidence of any sort of election fraud anywhere in the nation.

In response to Peters' specific comments, the Colorado Secretary of State's Office said, "It's deeply concerning that a Colorado county clerk would spread unfound conspiracy theories that undermine election integrity."

It seems so unusual to have this type of disagreement between the Clerk and Recorder and Secretary of State when it comes to something so important such as election fraud.

The fact that Peters' is willing to make a bold statement like this proves to me that she truly believes there is a huge flaw in our election system, but at the same time, why is she the only Clerk and Recorder that is reporting these flaws. You would think that this would be something that affects many counties, not just here in Mesa County.

Only time will tell if things end here with a tweet that will be forgotten tomorrow or if this will lead to more division because more citizens feel they can't trust the voting process.

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