A mom in Colorado is seeking compensation from Facebook for her daughter's struggles.

According to a report from FOX 5, Cecelia Tesch of Pueblo, Colorado has filed a personal injury lawsuit against social media giant, Facebook, for causing her teenage daughter mental health issues.

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Colorado Mom Says Daughter Has Facebook Addiction

Tesch says that her daughter, listed as R.P. in the lawsuit, started using Facebook at the age of 7 and since then her mental health has deteriorated.

Tesch's lawyer, Kevin Hannon believes that the platform hindered brain development in the now 13-year-old.

R.P. is stated to have lost interest in other activities outside of Facebook, and attorney's for Tesch state that the teen, "subsequently developed injuries including, but not limited to, body dysmorphia eating disorder, self-harm, severe anxiety, depression, and a decrease in motivation to do school work or socialize with her family and peers."

Facebook's Age Restriction

A report about Facebook's age verification process states:

Facebook and Instagram weren’t designed for people under the age of 13, so we’re creating new ways to stop those who are underage from signing up.

Facebook does not allow those under the age of 13 to sign up for an account, but of course, that does not stop children from lying about their age and creating one anyway.

Currently, the platform is exploring different ways to identify those under the age restriction by developing artificial intelligence technology that can flag those accounts.

There is also a page for Facebook and Instagram where users can report underage accounts.

Playing the Blame Game

There are many who believe that Facebook is not to blame for Tesch's daughters' struggles and that it is Tesch's responsibility to monitor her daughter's activities online and off.

Do you think Tesch will win the lawsuit?

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