A popular cartoonist on Facebook, who is known for drawings tributes to pets that have crossed the rainbow bridge, has sketched a tribute to the pets that were lost in Boulder County's Marshall Fire last week.

Before the Marshall Fire reached 100 percent containment on January 3, hundreds of homes in Superior and Louisville burned to the ground. In total, the fire that started on December 30 burned 6,026 acres.

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Residents not only lost their homes, but some lost their furry best friends. Cartoonist John Rasmussen posted this sketch on Facebook on January 5 as a tribute to those pets that were lost in the Marshall Fire.

As a pet owner, I know the feeling of losing your pet. It's utterly terrible and leaves a hole in your heart that cannot be filled. Finding this sketch last night tugged at my heartstrings and made me think about the pets that I have lost throughout the years.

My hopes are that those that lost their pets in the Marshall Fire find comfort in the thoughtful sketch that John Rasmussen created for the families that had to suffer through this tragedy.

The Marshall Fire is currently under investigation. It is unclear how long the investigation could take place. Sheriff Pelle has stated the investigation could take some time, and it may be weeks or months until details and an official statement are confirmed.

Source: John Rasmussen Cartoons Facebook

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