Life in Colorado is beautiful. It is also expensive. With that cost of living comes some of the most incredible outdoor scenery you'll find in America.

Colorado is so much more than weed and skiing. Those things are popular here, but for the vast majority of residents, the state has so much more to offer. We asked you to tell us about some of the interesting facts about Colorado that may be unknown to the average resident.

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Fun Facts About Life in Colorado

Did you know that Colorado represents more than 75% of the land area in America above an elevation of 10,000 feet? People do actually live way up here, and it's one of the coolest things about our state. Having a home on top of places like the Grand Mesa is something some people don't even realize is possible. We love it.

Western Colorado's Ancient Volcanos

On the western slope, we actually don't live all that far from an area of ancient volcanos. While 2 are dormant, 1 still is considered active. The Dotsero Volcano Crater is located in Eagle County. Not far from Dotsero are both the McCoy volcano, and Willow Peak.

Thanks for the Cheeseburgers, Colorado

Colorado is also a great state to eat in. America can thank Denver, Colorado for putting the trademark on a Cheeseburger in the 1930s. Credit for this lunchtime favorite goes to Louis E. Ballast and the Humpty Dumpty Barrel Restaurant which introduced this menu item in 1935.

Interesting and Little Known Facts About Colorado People Don't Always Realize

Life in Colorado moves pretty fast and it's easy to live here for a while and not be aware of some of the interesting tidbits about our state. We asked you to tell us some interesting facts about Colorado that people may not know. For example, did you know we live near some ancient volcanos in Western Colorado? Scroll on to learn more.

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