They think they know that we live covered in snow year-round (lol), that we all get high (more like less than half), and that we all ski (nope). In Fruita/Grand Junction we happen to like our mountain bikes.

When I go on a road trip to see family out of state, I can't wait to get somewhere and have someone notice my Colorado plates. Usually, I hear a voice call out, "Hey did you bring us some weed?"

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When You Tell Them You're From Colorado

If you ever want to write a coffee table book someday, simply make a note on your phone anytime you are going to meet someone new. Record their reaction when you say you're from Colorado. Instant best seller. Examples to follow are below.

Colorado Reaction Leaderboard

The marijuana thing is over a decade old to residents of the state, but it is still the most popular thing people bring up when someone finds out you live in Colorado. Despite the fact that tons of other states offer recreational marijuana, Colorado will always be the stoner state. The second most popular reaction about Colorado is based on misconceptions about our weather, and third on the list are misunderstandings about elevation. All of these are pure entertainment.

Comments About Being From Colorado

Tap this link to find this question on our social media and help us add to the fun. The best part of the responses so far is the total randomness of things people react to. If you dropped a comment, we've had a lot of fun laughing with you. If you are new to the page, welcome. Let us hear the reaction you got when you told a stranger you live in Colorado. You can also hit us up on our station app.

20 Funny Reactions to the Phrase 'I'm From Colorado'

We asked you what the strangest or funniest reaction has been when you tell someone you are from Colorado. Laugh at some of these common misconceptions about the Centennial State. Be sure to add the odd reactions you have heard so we can keep it going.

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