Grand Junction Weather

Grand Junction's April Snow
Snow in April, two days before your first golf outing of the year is not alarming - especially if it snows for just a short time. But, when huge snowflakes are still falling three hours later, there is cause for concern - and panic.
How Cold Is It? Record Setting
You can't seem to talk to anyone in Grand Junction these days without the subject of how cold this winter has been being part of the conversation. So, just how cold is it?
You Think It’s Cold in GJ? Here’s 5 of the Coldest Places On Earth
It is no secret that the current weather pattern in Grand Junction is well below normal. While we have been "enjoying" daytime highs in the 20s, the normal high this time of year is around 35 degrees.  The normal low is about 14 degrees but we have been seeing those overnight temperatures dipping below zero. It could be worse. A lot worse.
Just because it is Labor Day, it doesn’t mean summer is over in Grand Junction!
OK, I know that Labor Day is the signal that Summer is ending, and it is time to get ready for fall. However, looking at the calender, Fall does not officially arrive until September 22nd. Mother Nature even knows this, looking at the forecasted temperatures of the 90's all this week. So why is it the national retailers have already pulled ALL of their summer stuff? Let me tell you why I am asking

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