There is nothing like driving over the Rocky Mountains during the spring and summer months in Colorado. From the Grand Mesa Scenic Byway near Grand Junction to Trail Ridge Road in RMNP, Colorado's mountain roads offer some of the best views anywhere in America.

Which mountain roads in Colorado are considered the most extreme? Scroll on to learn about 15 such roads that have been turning knuckles white for decades.

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Which Road is the Highest Paved Road in Colorado?

Colorado's Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in Colorado. It is also the highest paved road in North America at 14,130 feet. The views are spectacular on a sunny day. Just maybe look off towards the horizon and not down over the ledge that is right outside your car window.

Which Road is Colorado's Steepest Mountain Pass?

Colorado's Slumgullion Pass is located at 11,300 feet along 149 in southwestern Colorado. The pass covers about 50 miles from the town of Lake City towards Creede. Traveling north over Slumgullion Pass means climbing a 9% grade to the top. This is Colorado's steepest incline of any paved mountain pass in the state.

Which Mountain Road is the Scariest in Colorado?

Colorado's Highway 550 is going to be the winner almost every time. This stretch of highway has such an amazing history that we have to include it here. Also known as Colorado's 'Million Dollar Highway', this scary stretch of road takes motorists over three mountain passes between 10,600 and 11,000 feet. It's the last place you want to be when the weather turns.

Scroll on to see some of Colorado's most extreme mountain roads that will have you snapping amazing photos and then praying for a safe return.

White Knuckle Your Way Down 15 of Colorado’s Most Extreme Mountain Roads

Some of Colorado's highest mountain roads offer incredible views, but they will also test the nerve of anyone behind the wheel. Scroll on for elevation gains, steep grades, and some amazing views while we white-knuckle our way through the Rockies.

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