A Colorado company is hoping to eliminate the stress of farming in hard-to-farm areas, while also securing reliable nutrient-rich food for those far and wide.

According to a press release from FarmBox Foods, new high-tech shipping containers may be the future of farming.

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What is FarmBox Foods?

Farmbox Foods is a company based in Sedalia, Colorado that is seeking to change the way we farm across the globe.

FarmBox Foods realizes that not every person has access to fresh farm foods, whether it be due to the supply chain crisis or even the unpredictable weather. This is why FarmBox Foods has created a high-tech container that is able to sustain a variety of healthy crops.

How Does It Work?

FarmBox Foods uses upcycled shipping containers and transforms them into high-tech automated farms.

These shipping containers can be placed just about anywhere in the world from Alaska all the way to Jamaica, producing fresh food, year-round.

2 FarmBox Foods
FarmBox Foods

FarmBox Foods has patented a vertical hydroponic system that can yield tons of produce, all while using 99 less water than your typical farm.

By implementing the vertical hydroponic system, FarmBox Foods is able to utilize every single inch of the shipping container and save energy.

FarmBox Foods Can Grow This and More...

The 320-square-foot containers are able to produce:

  • highly nutritious leafy greens
  • culinary herbs
  • peppers
  • tree saplings
  • and up to 18 varieties of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms

One of the best things about these high-tech farming shipping containers is that the enclosed growing environment is protected from pests and pathogens. In addition, the FarmBox is easily transportable, can be stacked, and is solar capable.

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