Some things we'll never forget, like piling in a van with your closest friends and family and heading to the local drive-in here in Colorado.

When looking for fun things to do with the family, sometimes the best thing to do is throw it back to the past with a trip to the local drive-in, the problem is, very few remain standing in Colorado.

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What is A Drive-In Movie Theater?

A drive-in movie theater is a relic that needs to be cherished.

Drive-In movie theaters were prominent in the 1900s with the first drive-in being introduced in 1933 with Camden's Drive-In located in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

These days drive-in movie theaters have almost completely disappeared from not only Colorado cities but cities across the U.S.

Typically you would purchase a ticket, find the perfect parking spot, set up your speaker, or find the radio station broadcasting the movie's audio, and then hit the concessions for your favorite treats. Some drive-ins even allow you to bring in your own snacks, helping to save costs.

Why Did Drive-In Movie Theaters Lose Popularity?

Drive-In movie theaters used to be the place to take a hot date or have a fun family outing, but with the introduction of movies on demand, drive-ins quickly lost their popularity.


While staying at home to watch the latest movie is certainly cheaper and a time-saver, you can't deny the ambiance and fun of a drive-in movie theater.

How Many Drive-In Movie Theaters Are Left in Colorado?

There are only 9 drive-in movie theaters left in the state of Colorado. Keep scrolling to see which ones are still in operation.

All the Drive-In Movie Theaters in Colorado

Ready for a blast to the past? Check out the last remaining places to catch a drive-in movie here in Colorado.

Delta Movie Theaters Up For Sale

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