In a scary situation Monday night, a driver was going the wrong way on Interstate 70 and an Adams County Deputy had to get creative to stop him from injuring other drivers.

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Colorado Deputy Blocks Wrong-Way Driver on I-70

Talk about things you thought you'd only see in the movies. A jeep driving eastbound in the westbound lane of I-70 on Monday could have killed himself and other drivers had this brave Deputy from the Adams County Sheriff's office not risked his own life to stop the driver.

Colorado State Patrol made the request for assistance from the Adams County Sherriff's when it was reported that a car was driving on the wrong side of the highway in the Strasburg, Colorado, area. The Deputy was able to get to the driver before the Colorado State Patrol or the Arapahoe County Deputies could so he had to think fast. His decision was scary but brave and saved many lives in the process.

The brave Deputy was able to stop the wrong-way driver by risking his own life and letting the driver hit the driverside of his vehicle to stop him from hitting other oncoming traffic. CBS 4 reports that the impact pushes the runaway Jeep and the Deputy's SUV about 140 feet after impact. The 83-year-old driver, nor the Deputy were injured in the collision miraculously. Adams County Sherriff's Department said on their Facebook page that:

“We are thankful that the only casualties were the vehicles involved. There is no doubt that without the deputy’s quick action and bravery several, vehicles would have been struck at high speeds, and lives would have been lost.”

Colorado State Patrol is still investigating the situation but drugs or alcohol are not believed to have been a factor.

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